Curated Ideas

Curate Ideas from your customers to launch better products and innovate on current offerings with market insights gained from social conversations.

  • Gather innovative insights
  • Discover market need
  • Delight customer with better products
Community Forums

Community Forums

Advocate your product to buyers through expert consultations and customer interactions on Community Forums.

  • Reduce response time of queries
  • Promote Featured Contents
  • Endorse brand ambassadors

Knowledge Base

Create, share, manage and update knowledge repositories with the help of the customer community.

  • Enable knowledge sharing
  • Maintain Accurate and updated content
  • Organize content
Knowledge Base


Influence purchase decisions by encouraging positive feedbacks from your loyal customers.

  • Request feedback and ratings
  • Capture insights & suggestions
  • Easily discoverable to new prospects


Encourage Customer-to-Customer interactions to answer queries and share experiences on your brand, products and services to increase buyer confidence and reduce support costs.

  • Quicker access to common queries
  • Empower peer-to-peer support
  • Reduce support costs

Photos & Video

Inspire customers to share and promote photos and videos that enhance the brand experience.

  • Get customer attention
  • Drive traffic to contents
  • Easy uploading of rich media


Create Groups for your customers to engage with members having common behaviours like interests, demographics, product categories etc.

  • Easier and better market segmentation
  • Create focus groups on common interests
  • Strategize focused marketing initiatives


Create contests and tasks to boost customer involvement and engagement with the community platform.

  • Promote photo & video contests
  • User voting enabled
  • Manage contest from the community platform itself


Promote user generated or admin moderated blogs to increase product awareness.

  • Easy to use publishing tools
  • Encourage Customer Experts to publish
  • Promote useful contents

Surveys & Polls

Create Surveys & Polls to conduct research on Customer needs, product improvements, market trends or customer service.

  • Get better insights from customers & prospects
  • Engage customers & know what exactly customer needed
  • Manage moderated questions from your own community

Social Monitoring

Listen to what customers are talking about your brand and monitor their converstaions across all social media.

  • Monitor conversations on social networks
  • Guide customers to own communities
  • Know influencers & engage them to improve advocacy

Thanks & Badge

Provide incentives for participation - first time or casual users with badges and regular users with thanks acknowledgements and expert status.

  • Provide short term rewards to new users
  • Promote users as customer experts
  • Develop payback or discount based on badges


Announce events and encourage participation from the customer community.

  • Notify and remind new and upcoming events
  • Privilege access to events based on badges
  • Peer-to-peer invitation by sharing events

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