Cloud Ready

Elivait is hosted on a secure cloud, bringing you all the benefits of a SAAS application. Application components can be scaled with minimal technical support to create a seamless customer experience.


Elivait and the surrounding frameworks, as well as hardware networks, are fully Penetration Tested as per the latest criteria and scenarios. It is also secured to alleviate the effects of 0day attacks.


Our priorities are to align your business goals with consumer expectations. Towards this we work to develop solutions that complement and augment your business processes and systems. Hence Elivait is designed to integrate seamlessly with all your internal applications like CRM, CMS, helpdesk, product development and marketing applications.

Speed & Performance

Elivait is optimized with advanced technologies already built in that guarantees a 100% uptime, so that your customers are 100% satisfied. Speed and concurrency of Elivait is further enhanced by latest caching technologies.


We are committed to continuous improvements in technology to offer you the best. Elivait will notify you of upcoming upgrades well in advance and the process is made as hassle free as possible. You won’t even notice it running in the backend, even though you will obviously notice the new looks and customizations.


Elivait is developed on a platform that is easily customizable. This gives our clients the freedom to create a customer community that is a true representation of their brand identity, incorporating all brand elements and only the required modules and features that suit the brand.

Be different from the crowd. Get closer to your consumers

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